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Have your cake, and eat it too!

blog-img1“Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories”


— Buddy Valastro

One of the most important parts of planning your wedding can be the cake. It is one of the most memorable parts of the entire wedding celebration, so couples can feel a lot of pressure in getting it right. This is a simple how-to guide to help you pick out the perfect cake for your special day!

  1. Plan well in advance: like anything else, choosing the right wedding cake can take time. Choosing the type of cake you like, filling, style and color scheme can be confusing. Make sure to give yourself enough time to choose a style that works best for you. Choosing a cake on top of all the other last minute details can get overwhelming.
  2. Make sure you love the taste: A big mistake couples make is choosing a cake on looks alone. Remember, a cake is to be eaten. Make sure you love the way your cake tastes. Once the cake is cut and served, looks will no longer matter to your guests, what they will remember is how it tasted.
  3. Know your budget: Knowing how much you have to spend can save a lot of time and effort when choosing your wedding cake. A budget can help narrow down the choices to a specific cake flavor and complexity of the design. Keeping within your budget can also reduce wedding stress later on, when last minute expenses pile up. Standard cakes are beautiful as they are, but if you are a bride who likes to add a little “wow factor” to everything, a cake is a good way to do that.
  4. Don’t Stress: Don’t stress over the cake! If you have just a wedding cake for dessert, you should definitely consider flavors that may appeal to a larger group of people. Choosing a bold flavor may not be the best choice. Sticking to a chocolate or vanilla family may be your safest bet to please a party of 100-200 people. If you have a variety of different desserts being served other than the cake, there is less pressure to pick the perfect flavor. Chances are most people will only take one or two bites from the cake and move on to something they would rather cheat on their diet with. (How rude right? Don’t they know how much time and effort you put into picking this cake!?) This is a nice situation to be on the more adventurous side when choosing fillings for your wedding cake. Perhaps pistachio or coconut fillings may not be such a bad idea!
On Feb 05, 2014

Color. Me. Pretty.



“Color is the fruit of life…”

— Guillaume Apollinaire

Color Schemes are a great way to add contrast and personal touch to your wedding. All white themes are great, however, white does not fit every bride and groom’s style. Adding a specific color scheme to your wedding will allow certain aspects to pop and draw your guests eyes to a specific area of interest. For example, cake ribbon/piping, centerpieces, napkins, chair sashes and LED lights are all great ways to catch the attention of your guests. But before we get into the art of contrast, we must first choose a color for your wedding.

So, what color should you choose for your wedding!? Time of year plays a big role in choosing a color scheme. Popular winter colors that go well with the season are dark blue, red and silver. Especially in New York, when the winters can be brutal with snow and wind, these colors allow a certain “winter wedding” feel to your wedding. When changing to spring time, pastels are a great way to accent the change in weather. Light Blues, greens, yellows, purples and pinks are always great choices. Summer Brides, you are in luck, basically every color fits your season! The pressure is off. It is just a matter of picking a couple colors that fit well together. Fall is a great time of year, the leaves are changing and the temperature drops to a comfortable chill. Shades of Brown, Orange and Yellow mix well to enhance the changing taking place outside. And of course, Black. Black and white is the universal color that works well no matter what time of year. It is simple, classy and elegant. If you are stressing, you cannot go wrong with a black and white affair.

1. Linens: Linens are a great way to enhance the color of your wedding venue. They are also guaranteed to catch the attention of your guests because they will of course be seated at the table during all courses. It is important that you do not over-do the color. For example, if you have a gold and red color scheme you do not want to make the linens and napkins the same color. Without any contrast, the items will simply get lost within themselves. It is important that there is a contrast in color. A gold overlay, complemented by a red napkin will allow the red in the napkin to pop against the gold. If you wish to only really have one color, then ivory is a great go-to for linens. For example if you have a blue color scheme, an ivory overlay would allow blue napkins and blue chair-sash to pop.

2. Centerpieces: Centerpieces are directly correlated with linens. As previously stated, you do not want to go overboard with color. If you are looking to get a very detailed centerpiece, make sure the linens are complimentary. For example if your centerpiece has red, pink and white roses, you can choose one of those three colors for your napkin color, while keeping your overlay color simple, such as ivory.

3. Cake: Cake ribbon comes in any color! The ribbon accenting the cake can match the bridal party’s colors, the napkin colors, centerpieces or can even be something such as rhinestone, which would work with any color scheme. If opting out of a cake ribbon, the piping accents can work with the same effect as well as fresh flowers from your centerpieces.

4. LED Lighting: The lighting set in your ballroom can enhance the color scheme drastically. It allows the entire setting to illuminate to the color of your choice. Having a subtle color displayed around the walls of the room will set the tone for your affair. It will also allow a dim, intimate setting for your guests, while also being able to see what is going on around them.

There are hundreds of shades of each color to choose from, so first pick a general color family, and then pinpoint the                                                                                         exact shade of your choice!

On Sep 23, 2014

Cake Toppers For Everyone

blog-img1Cake Toppers are a great way to personalize your wedding cake and add something unique that other brides may not have. Whether you are going for a traditional or eclectic look, you can find a cake topper that works for you. Incorporate anything from monograms to bobble heads or a simple traditional bride and groom piece.

Brides and grooms can even customize a cake topper to showcase inside jokes between themselves, friends or family. If you are avid sports fans of a particular sports franchise, customize a cake topper that has a bride and groom wearing that jersey. If you are huge fan of a television series such as “The Walking Dead”, find a zombie couple to illustrate your obsession! Don’t forget to have fun. After all, it is your wedding day!

blog-img1Cake toppers also provide a great opportunity to feature the season of your wedding. For instance, if it’s a Halloween wedding you can go with a spooky topper or a winter wonderland theme for December and January weddings. Sometimes a simple floral arrangement is all you need. If you wish to keep it simple and prefer not to have any topper, add leftover flowers from your centerpieces to top off your cake. You can even have the baker add some butter cream or fondant flowers.

If there is any way you can add a unique or personal touch to your cake, then definitely go for it!





On Mar 22, 2015

Cheers To You!

The wedding of all weddings should leave no man or woman wanting for a drink. What better way to celebrate your special day than with an open bar for all your friends and family. But sometimes open bar, even “top shelf” just doesn’t cut it. A celebration as big as your wedding requires a signature cocktail to truly encompass the historic event that is your wedding.

There are many options when it comes to signature cocktails from a specific type of spirit, to the strength of the drink, to the color of the final boozy product. Whether you are a veteran or a light weight, you can customize a drink (or two!) that fits your fancy. For those who aren’t big drinkers, there are cocktails that are low in alcohol and fall on sweeter end of the spectrum to satisfy the palate. For the college pong champions out there, you may prefer a signature cocktail that is less sweet and more robust in alcohol content, while not sacrificing flavor.

Bikini Martini

  • 1.5 oz Gin
  • 1 oz. Blue Curacao
  • 1.5 oz. Peach Schnapps
  • Orange Slice

Apple Martini (Green in Color)

  • 2 oz. Choice of Vodka
  • 2 oz Apple Pucker
  • Splash, sour mix
  • Cherry Garnish

Watermelon Martini

  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Watermelon Schnapps
  • 2 oz Watermelon Juice
  • Sugar Rim (optional)
  • Garnish with slice of watermelon

007 (modified)

  • 2 oz Stoli Orange
  • Club Soda
  • Splash Orange

Malibu Sunset

  • 2 oz Malibu Rum
  • 2 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 2 oz Orange Juice
  • Splash of Grenadine
  • Cherries

Combinations of alcohols and mixers can allow you to customize a drink with a color that fits your theme and/or season. A summer wedding calls for a cocktail that is light and refreshing to cool down from excessive heat. A winter wedding may call for something a little stringer to keep you cozy. Don’t be afraid to try something fun and exciting.

If your wedding color theme happens to be blue, then a Bikini Martini would definitely be a great addition to the bar selection. Finding a drink combination that fits your wedding color is fun and easy. Splashes of blue curacao, grenadine, cranberry juice are just a few ways to add color to your cocktails. And because it is your wedding, who’s to say you can’t rename a drink after yourself? Concoct a recipe on your own or take a well-known recipe and steal its thunder with a name that suits you.

On Mar 30, 2015

Find Your Seats, Please

When attending an affair, one must know where he or she will be seating. Place cards are a necessary tool in order to do so. A simple hard stock paper will do the job just fine, however there are many unique and fun ideas to make your wedding reception fit your style and/or theme.

Place Card Picture Frame
If you are having a wedding favor for your guests you must decide if you would like to hand the favor out at the end as guests are leaving, or have them placed at their place setting. However, if you wish, you can also make your place card a combination of your favor as well. A nice picture frame is a great item to give your guests. The frame will depict where your guest is sitting, as well as give your guest something nice to place on their office desk or mantle with a picture of their choice. A picture frame is a simple item that most guests will appreciate because of its utilitarian and decorative worth. The only drawback to giving your favor/place card in the beginning of your wedding reception is that your guest will have to hold on to the favor through the event. If you are someone who carries a clutch, it may not be so bad, however if you are without a bag, it may get misplaced or even forgotten.


Scented Candle
Who doesn’t love scented candles? Along with guest name and table number, give your guests a nice scented candle for their scented pleasure. You can also design the candle with an engraving on the glass of your wedding date, monogram or a cute catchphrase. When they are in their home, office or bathroom the sweet aroma will be a nice touch. Although it would be nice to have a larger candle, keeping the candle smaller will be easier for your guests to hold, and easier on your pockets as well.




Have a liquor that you are particularly fond of? Arrange to have miniature sized bottles with name tags attached as your escort card. It is a fun and unique way to get the party started! Your guests can utilize this thoughtful idea as they arrive after a long day of driving from church to reception or even save the bottle for later in the week when they are stuck at the office after 5 o’clock. Either way, as your guests arrive for the wedding reception and see that liquor is in plain sight, it will definitely set the mood for events to come!



Custom Place Card

You can also customize a place card to match the theme of your save the date, bridal shower and/or wedding invitation. If you have a color scheme or font that you wish to keep consistent with your wedding, customize a place card from the same paper lot to match up accordingly. It will be consistently elegant and cohesive which some of your guests may appreciate and take note, setting the bar high for future weddings of friends and family to come.

On Apr 14, 2015

The Bridal Party: More isn’t always merrier

You’re engaged, congratulations! Now it’s time to make sure that your best friends will be by your side as you take the plunge and tie the knot. Choosing your bridal party can be be stressful. You don’t want to offend any of your friends or have some think others “outrank” them on the friend totem pole. It can be tough making anyone feel like they didn’t make the cut. Remember the time back in the day during sophomore year of high school when your friend got cut from the basketball team and went home in tears – just imagine how they would react to not being in your wedding party! But by now all your friends have matured and understand that life isn’t always fair. And to be honest, more isn’t always merrier either.

As the amount of bridesmaids goes up, so will the chance for complaints. Planning wedding events or choosing bridesmaids dresses ends up becoming a task more than an adventure. Each bridesmaid will have differing opinions on which dress is more flattering to their body type and you will ultimately be the villain when you choose a dress that a couple of friends weren’t fond of. And good luck gathering up all your groomsmen for pictures while they are reliving the good old days- shotgunning beers and putting off responsibilities for the next twelve hours. Rowdiness comes in numbers and on your wedding day it would be nice to keep it somewhat classy until at least the pasta course.


Try your best to pick family members first (brothers, sisters, sister-law etc…) and then a couple of close friends. Keep in mind it’s perfectly fine to have an uneven amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen. There is no law that states your bridal party must be symmetrical, you can have multiple bridesmaids walk down one groomsman (or vice versa) and you can even have someone walk down the isle alone, worst-case scenario. 5 to 7 groomsmen bridesmaids is ideal. It’s large enough to have a great time, but small enough to keep it civil and ease the stress during the planning process. 8-10 couples is a little more difficult to coordinate, but doable. More than 10 will be difficult to coordinate photo ops, rehearsal dinner, meetings and everyone agreeing on certain things such as the bachelor/bachelorette party destination and dresses/tuxedos etc.

Ease the pain for the friends who didn’t make the cut and just explain to them it isn’t personal; that it just isn’t in your budget (gifts, limo accommodations, etc) or that you simply wish to keep your bridal party very small. Some of your friends may even be relieved as it diminishes their financial obligations. If you have two or three friends getting married within a year- year and a half, the financial obligations can get rather high (depending on the bride).

On Apr 28, 2015

Sign Me In! – Sign-in Book Alternatives

After centuries of marriage, Brides and Grooms must become more creative with the little details in order to stand out from others on their wedding day. Instead of using the traditional sign in book where your guests write phrases like “good luck” and “best wishes”, which you’ve seen at plenty of weddings in the past, couples are coming up with some pretty fun and exciting guest book alternatives. Alternative guest books allow each couple to create a wedding keepsake that is all their own!

    • Date Night Jar: This allows your guests to come up with an idea for an amazing night out or night in for a newlywed couple to share. Simply write down an idea and drop it in the jar.
    • Christmas Ornaments:Go and get some Christmas ornaments for your guests to sign. When the season comes and you get your first tree as husband and wife, hang all the ornaments up. Hopefully none of your guests write anything that would put them on the naughty list.

    • Polaroids and Photo booth:your guests will get a picture taken of them to paste into a scrapbook (or frame)with a note for the newlywed couple. This may also come in handy to remember those guests you don’t really know, but were forced to invite out of family obligations!
    • Sign a Quilt: Have your guests sign a custom quilt so on those cold nights when you two are cuddling, you can be reminded of your wedding night.
  • ‘Where do you see us in 25 years?’ box: See which one of your friends or family members can see into the future!
  • The Board Game Sign-in Book: Take Jenga or puzzle pieces and have your guests sign or write something clever on each piece, so when you have game night you can all laugh together!
  • The Fingerprint Tree: This idea is a great one. There will be a bare tree without any leaves- have everyone dip their finger on an inkpad and place the print on a tree board. They can leave the leaves empty or sign their names in the fingerprint. Either way the tree will fill up with the fingerprints of your loved ones and you can frame and hang the portrait up on a wall in your home.
  • On May 13, 2015

    Pam and Niko’s Wedding at Floral Terrace

    A Family Tradition

    blog-img4I am a Special Education teacher and Niko is a restaurant owner. Niko and I met through mutual friends, who set us up on a blind date at a restaurant. After that date, we hung out every single day. We were inseparable.

    About a year later, around Christmas time, he proposed. I’ll never forget, I was getting upset with Niko for not helping me hang ornaments on our first tree. Little did I know, it was because the best ornament was already on it! He chuckled and slyly pointed to the branch that was holding my engagement ring and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes. What a sweet surprise!

    My family is very close and believes strongly in our traditions. We had a sentimental and beautiful ceremony in St. Nicholas Church in Flushing, NY that we all grew up in; everyone in my family has gotten baptized and married there.

    We didn’t need to look at other venues to decide our reception location. Ten years prior, my sister had the most amazing wedding reception at Floral Terrace. Coming from a family of people in the restaurant business, we had high expectations for food and service, and we knew Floral Terrace would meet them.

    The entire staff was so accommodating and helpful. Paul Boultadakis, director of sales and marketing, and Frank Sanzi, the general manager, turned the chaos of planning each portion of the night into a smooth, wonderful event. Frank helped with the design of our cocktail hour and dinner menu and even set up Red Bull and champagne in the room I was getting ready in before hand. George, the maitre d’, was so thoughtful, and really considered the bride and groom every step of the way. Michelle, my bridal attendant, was by my side from start to finish. Whatever I needed, she was right there for me.

    For dinner, we included all our favorite foods with several stations: a Tuscan table with various antipasto meats, cheeses, and vegetables; a cold station with oysters, caviar, lobster, and shrimp cocktail; a sushi boat with assorted sushi rolls; and an Asian station with shanghai duck. There was also a chef’s carving board of various meats, a crepe station, a pasta table, a mediterranean brochette station, and more.

    We added our personal touch to the various stations by having the letter K carved into each one. Our favorite was the “K” in our martini ice luge!

    The ambiance was very romantic and elegant. The ballroom had an elevated dance floor, which really made us feel in the spotlight as we danced our first dance.









    The light pink LED lights and extra tulle around the floor of the room really added a special and unique touch. The floral centerpieces were styled with highs and lows. We had high candelabras and low floral arrangements Floral Terracesurrounding three crystal candle holder sticks.

    We’re now pregnant with our first baby on the way and we can’t wait to see where our journey takes us! My cousin, who recently got engaged, is now looking at Floral Terrace for her venue.

    Original version of this article published by: Manhattan Bride

    On May 19, 2015

    Some Consideration Please….

    When planning your wedding for months, you obviously want to ensure that your guests have a great time. There are a million different ways to make your wedding fun and enjoyable, however, there are also a handful of things to avoid doing to help make the process easier.

    Make Your Guests Comfortable

    • Food: Number one has to be the food. Make sure your guests aren’t hungry. Because hungry quickly turns into “hangry” which may result in your guests complaining about the littlest of things. After a long morning of getting ready, driving to ceremony and finally arriving for the reception- people tend to build up an appetite. If you know there is going to be a time period in between your ceremony and reception try and organize some hor dourves at the reception or even light snacks in the limo or outside of the church for them while they wait in the meantime. Make sure there is an abundance of food in the cocktail hour especially
    • Drinks: Your guests will need to be refreshed. Nothing tells your friend or family member that you care about their hydration like a refreshing vodka on the rocks with soda and limes, that is also free. Understanding every couple is working with a budget, but an open bar is a must. You are asking friends and family to go out of their way for you as well as put a generous gift towards your wedding. Nothing will dampen the mood more than having your guests reach into their pockets to pay for alcoholic beverages throughout the course of the night. Cut costs where you need to in order to accommodate your guests’ thirst. Believe me, they will appreciate it- and they will definitely tell you after a few shots.


    • blog-img1
        • Speeches: Talk to whoever is going to give a speech at your wedding ahead of time and try and hint to them “short and sweet”. 3-5 minutes is more than enough time to get your point across without losing the interest of your guests as well as to not disrupt the flow of the party. Typically 2-4 people will give a speech in the beginning of the night, if a couple of those people want to steal the show and prolong their speech, you could be looking at a solid 20-30 minutes of speeches (which will cut into your reception time). Now there are obviously exceptions to every rule, and you may be friends with a professional talker, but you can also have someone be very awkward while 200+ people are staring at them, which will dampen the mood.


        • Music: No one is telling you not to turn up on the day of your wedding, but consider the decibel level at certain points throughout the evening. Depending on the venue, sound travels differently in every space- make sure when meeting with your DJ/Band that they will consider the sound level throughout the night and will perform sound checks periodically. Consider the placement of the speakers in the room and who is seating closest to them. You do not want your guests leaving because of a head ache or not being able to talk to the person next to them because the music is too loud.



    • Centerpieces: Most brides want a beautiful centerpiece on every table. When choosing your centerpieces, consider the size and visibility factor they will have on your guests. Sit down as if the centerpiece was on your table and see if it will be basically poking your guests in the eyes, or disrupting their view around the table. The seating arrangements you come up with will have guests sitting at certain tables for a reason- they get along and they will be able to talk to each other. If a centerpiece is not transparent or too big, they will not be able to talk to anyone else other than those to the right and left of them.

      Also, don’t forget to make your guests feel appreciated for making it to your wedding- whether its missing time off work or traveling a long distance, every guest went out of their way to come to your wedding. Go table to table during the cocktail hour or reception and just say hello and thank you. Or make a heartfelt speech to the crowd during dinner. Show them that you didn’t invite just anyone to your wedding, but the people that matter most to you.

    On Jul 09, 2015