5 Tips To Beat Wedding Planning Stress

Two people planning a wedding

Wedding Planning: 5 Ways to Avoid Stress

From creating a guest list to choosing a photographer, wedding planning can become overwhelming quickly; there are so many decisions to make while balancing your everyday responsibilities. Nonetheless, the team at Floral Terrace, Long Island’s premier wedding venue, is here to help provide some tips to ensure your big day goes smoothly without losing your sanity.

1. Create a List of Priorities

The thought of walking down the aisle has most likely been on your mind since you were younger. Therefore, you have various ideas running through your head about what components will make the wedding perfect. We recommend writing down your must-haves on a piece of paper to refer back to so you don’t lose sight of what details are important to you.

2. Set a Budget

One of the most challenging aspects of wedding planning is the overall cost; although you have multiple ideas, you may have to reel them in to avoid financial strain. A detailed budget is beneficial to reach those post-wedding goals, such as going on a honeymoon or purchasing your first home together as a newly married couple. Additionally, to prepare for any unexpected costs (e.g., gratuities or vendor meals), set aside 5% of your budget to avert stress. 

3. Expect the Unexpected

After the ceremony, the likelihood of you remembering the color of your floral arrangements was incorrect is slim to none — it is merely impossible for a wedding to encounter no obstacles. Instead of doing everything you can to prevent surprises, embrace them. If you sweat the small details, you lose sight of the purpose of the major event – commemorating the love between you and your significant other.

4. Take Breaks

Though your big day requires months of preparation, be sure to take a break. Too much planning at once leads to arguments from all of the stress. It should be an exciting time to start the next chapter of your life, not a dreadful chore. Nevertheless, we encourage spending a weekend with your fiancé, whether it entails catching up on television shows or having a picnic at a park. 

5. Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your family members or friends for some assistance. While there is nothing wrong with doing these tasks with just you and your significant other, delegating responsibilities to someone you’re close to will alleviate stress. It can be as simple as having someone you trust to drop the invitations off at the post office or figuring out the seating chart. 

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