Indoor or Outdoor Wedding: Which is Better?

A bridal couple is dancing at the wedding night

Wedding planning has a lot of factors to consider: when do you want to celebrate? What dress or suit should you wear? What will your table centerpieces look like? But perhaps one of the most important considerations to remember when planning your special day is whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding. 

Depending on your budget, style preferences, and desired ambiance, both options have pros and cons. Our team at Floral Terrace on Long Island is here to give you the full breakdown: 

Indoor Wedding Pros

Indoor weddings provide couples with more control over their environment, as well as providing a sense of security in case of inclement weather. Partners can create their dream wedding atmosphere indoors without worrying about rain, windy conditions, or extreme temperatures making guests uncomfortable. And with the right decorations and lighting, you can transform any indoor space into an elegant wedding venue.

Indoor Wedding Cons

The downside to having an indoor wedding is that couples who want magical photos that capture the beauty of the outdoors on their special day may not be able to achieve this. For some, indoor venues are less ideal for those looking for a specific ambiance that nature can provide.

Outdoor Wedding Pros

Outdoor weddings come with lots of natural light and beautiful scenery, making them perfect for couples wanting amazing photos of their big day without having to pay extra for indoor studio-style shots! Outdoors also offers more freedom regarding decorations since some venues may have rules about what type of décor is allowed inside their buildings.

Outdoor Wedding Cons

Unfortunately, outdoor weddings come with more risks than those held indoors—namely, unpredictable weather conditions like rain or wind that can wreak havoc on your special day if not planned around properly. One way to mitigate this risk is by picking a date during a season or in a location with less chance of poor weather conditions. 

A Setting for a Perfect Wedding in Floral Park, NY

Whether you decide on an indoor or outdoor celebration, our team at Floral Terrace is always ready to come up with personalized options to plan and design a unique and unforgettable day when you celebrate with us.

Contact our team today to start planning your special day with us!