Sign Me In! – Sign-in Book Alternatives

October 23, 2017, floral terrace

After centuries of marriage, Brides and Grooms must become more creative with the little details in order to stand out from others on their wedding day. Instead of using the traditional sign in book where your guests write phrases like “good luck” and “best wishes”, which you’ve seen at plenty of weddings in the past, couples are coming up with some pretty fun and exciting guest book alternatives. Alternative guest books allow each couple to create a wedding keepsake that is all their own!

Date Night Jar:
This allows your guests to come up with an idea for an amazing night out or night in for a newlywed couple to share. Simply write down an idea and drop it in the jar.

Christmas Ornaments:
Go and get some Christmas ornaments for your guests to sign. When the season comes and you get your first tree as husband and wife, hang all the ornaments up. Hopefully none of your guests write anything that would put them on the naughty list.

Polaroids and Photo booth:
your guests will get a picture taken of them to paste into a scrapbook (or frame)with a note for the newlywed couple. This may also come in handy to remember those guests you don’t really know, but were forced to invite out of family obligations!

Sign a Quilt: Have your guests sign a custom quilt so on those cold nights when you two are cuddling, you can be reminded of your wedding night.

‘Where do you see us in 25 years?’ box: See which one of your friends or family members can see into the future!

The Board Game Sign-in Book: Take Jenga or puzzle pieces and have your guests sign or write something clever on each piece, so when you have game night you can all laugh together!

The Fingerprint Tree: This idea is a great one. There will be a bare tree without any leaves- have everyone dip their finger on an inkpad and place the print on a tree board. They can leave the leaves empty or sign their names in the fingerprint. Either way the tree will fill up with the fingerprints of your loved ones and you can frame and hang the portrait up on a wall in your home.