Find Your Seats, Please

October 23, 2017, floral terrace

When attending an affair, one must know where he or she will be seating. Place cards are a necessary tool in order to do so. A simple hard stock paper will do the job just fine, however there are many unique and fun ideas to make your wedding reception fit your style and/or theme.

Place Card Picture Frame
If you are having a wedding favor for your guests you must decide if you would like to hand the favor out at the end as guests are leaving, or have them placed at their place setting. However, if you wish, you can also make your place card a combination of your favor as well. A nice picture frame is a great item to give your guests. The frame will depict where your guest is sitting, as well as give your guest something nice to place on their office desk or mantle with a picture of their choice. A picture frame is a simple item that most guests will appreciate because of its utilitarian and decorative worth. The only drawback to giving your favor/place card in the beginning of your wedding reception is that your guest will have to hold on to the favor through the event. If you are someone who carries a clutch, it may not be so bad, however if you are without a bag, it may get misplaced or even forgotten.

Scented Candle
Who doesn’t love scented candles? Along with guest name and table number, give your guests a nice scented candle for their scented pleasure. You can also design the candle with an engraving on the glass of your wedding date, monogram or a cute catchphrase. When they are in their home, office or bathroom the sweet aroma will be a nice touch. Although it would be nice to have a larger candle, keeping the candle smaller will be easier for your guests to hold, and easier on your pockets as well.

Have a liquor that you are particularly fond of? Arrange to have miniature sized bottles with name tags attached as your escort card. It is a fun and unique way to get the party started! Your guests can utilize this thoughtful idea as they arrive after a long day of driving from church to reception or even save the bottle for later in the week when they are stuck at the office after 5 o’clock. Either way, as your guests arrive for the wedding reception and see that liquor is in plain sight, it will definitely set the mood for events to come!

Custom Place Card
You can also customize a place card to match the theme of your save the date, bridal shower and/or wedding invitation. If you have a color scheme or font that you wish to keep consistent with your wedding, customize a place card from the same paper lot to match up accordingly. It will be consistently elegant and cohesive which some of your guests may appreciate and take note, setting the bar high for future weddings of friends and family to come.