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When planning your wedding for months, you obviously want to ensure that your guests have a great time. There are a million different ways to make your wedding fun and enjoyable, however, there are also a handful of things to avoid doing to help make the process easier.

Make Your Guests Comfortable

Food: Number one has to be the food. Make sure your guests aren’t hungry. Because hungry quickly turns into “hangry” which may result in your guests complaining about the littlest of things. After a long morning of getting ready, driving to ceremony and finally arriving for the reception- people tend to build up an appetite. If you know there is going to be a time period in between your ceremony and reception try and organize some hor dourves at the reception or even light snacks in the limo or outside of the church for them while they wait in the meantime. Make sure there is an abundance of food in the cocktail hour especially

Drinks: Your guests will need to be refreshed. Nothing tells your friend or family member that you care about their hydration like a refreshing vodka on the rocks with soda and limes, that is also free. Understanding every couple is working with a budget, but an open bar is a must. You are asking friends and family to go out of their way for you as well as put a generous gift towards your wedding. Nothing will dampen the mood more than having your guests reach into their pockets to pay for alcoholic beverages throughout the course of the night. Cut costs where you need to in order to accommodate your guests’ thirst. Believe me, they will appreciate it- and they will definitely tell you after a few shots.

Speeches: Talk to whoever is going to give a speech at your wedding ahead of time and try and hint to them “short and sweet”. 3-5 minutes is more than enough time to get your point across without losing the interest of your guests as well as to not disrupt the flow of the party. Typically 2-4 people will give a speech in the beginning of the night, if a couple of those people want to steal the show and prolong their speech, you could be looking at a solid 20-30 minutes of speeches (which will cut into your reception time). Now there are obviously exceptions to every rule, and you may be friends with a professional talker, but you can also have someone be very awkward while 200+ people are staring at them, which will dampen the mood.

Music: No one is telling you not to turn up on the day of your wedding, but consider the decibel level at certain points throughout the evening. Depending on the venue, sound travels differently in every space- make sure when meeting with your DJ/Band that they will consider the sound level throughout the night and will perform sound checks periodically. Consider the placement of the speakers in the room and who is seating closest to them. You do not want your guests leaving because of a head ache or not being able to talk to the person next to them because the music is too loud.

Centerpieces: Most brides want a beautiful centerpiece on every table. When choosing your centerpieces, consider the size and visibility factor they will have on your guests. Sit down as if the centerpiece was on your table and see if it will be basically poking your guests in the eyes, or disrupting their view around the table. The seating arrangements you come up with will have guests sitting at certain tables for a reason- they get along and they will be able to talk to each other. If a centerpiece is not transparent or too big, they will not be able to talk to anyone else other than those to the right and left of them.

Also, don’t forget to make your guests feel appreciated for making it to your wedding- whether its missing time off work or traveling a long distance, every guest went out of their way to come to your wedding. Go table to table during the cocktail hour or reception and just say hello and thank you. Or make a heartfelt speech to the crowd during dinner. Show them that you didn’t invite just anyone to your wedding, but the people that matter most to you.

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