Color. Me. Pretty.

October 18, 2017, floral terrace

“Color is the fruit of life…”

— Guillaume Apollinaire

Color Schemes are a great way to add contrast and personal touch to your wedding. All white themes are great, however, white does not fit every bride and groom’s style. Adding a specific color scheme to your wedding will allow certain aspects to pop and draw your guests eyes to a specific area of interest. For example, cake ribbon/piping, centerpieces, napkins, chair sashes and LED lights are all great ways to catch the attention of your guests. But before we get into the art of contrast, we must first choose a color for your wedding.

So, what color should you choose for your wedding!? Time of year plays a big role in choosing a color scheme. Popular winter colors that go well with the season are dark blue, red and silver. Especially in New York, when the winters can be brutal with snow and wind, these colors allow a certain “winter wedding” feel to your wedding. When changing to spring time, pastels are a great way to accent the change in weather. Light Blues, greens, yellows, purples and pinks are always great choices. Summer Brides, you are in luck, basically every color fits your season! The pressure is off. It is just a matter of picking a couple colors that fit well together. Fall is a great time of year, the leaves are changing and the temperature drops to a comfortable chill. Shades of Brown, Orange and Yellow mix well to enhance the changing taking place outside. And of course, Black. Black and white is the universal color that works well no matter what time of year. It is simple, classy and elegant. If you are stressing, you cannot go wrong with a black and white affair.

1. Linens: Linens are a great way to enhance the color of your wedding venue. They are also guaranteed to catch the attention of your guests because they will of course be seated at the table during all courses. It is important that you do not over-do the color. For example, if you have a gold and red color scheme you do not want to make the linens and napkins the same color. Without any contrast, the items will simply get lost within themselves. It is important that there is a contrast in color. A gold overlay, complemented by a red napkin will allow the red in the napkin to pop against the gold. If you wish to only really have one color, then ivory is a great go-to for linens. For example if you have a blue color scheme, an ivory overlay would allow blue napkins and blue chair-sash to pop.

2. Centerpieces: Centerpieces are directly correlated with linens. As previously stated, you do not want to go overboard with color. If you are looking to get a very detailed centerpiece, make sure the linens are complimentary. For example if your centerpiece has red, pink and white roses, you can choose one of those three colors for your napkin color, while keeping your overlay color simple, such as ivory.

3. Cake: Cake ribbon comes in any color! The ribbon accenting the cake can match the bridal party’s colors, the napkin colors, centerpieces or can even be something such as rhinestone, which would work with any color scheme. If opting out of a cake ribbon, the piping accents can work with the same effect as well as fresh flowers from your centerpieces.

4. LED Lighting: The lighting set in your ballroom can enhance the color scheme drastically. It allows the entire setting to illuminate to the color of your choice. Having a subtle color displayed around the walls of the room will set the tone for your affair. It will also allow a dim, intimate setting for your guests, while also being able to see what is going on around them.

There are hundreds of shades of each color to choose from, so first pick a general color family, and then pinpoint the exact shade of your choice!